Beard? Moustache? Maybe a FauxHawk

A New Order

Here we are.  A web page dedicated to providing some information on beard styles, moustache grooming tips, and general facial hair related issues.  Consider it niche content, because those people that are interested in tips for facial hair grooming are generally only that group of facial hair growers looking for ideas on what to sculpt their beard into.  Men that are bored.

Beard Free Fauxhawk

Let’s clean this beard blog up

I too fall into the category of bored men.  In addition to looking for interesting moustache designs that might be socially acceptable, I also suffer from a lack of interest in daily shaving.  Shaving tips to maintain a scruffy beard are essential to being able to go into work each day and minimize any homeless or unkempt beard look.  This site is an opportunity to document a few ideas on some of the better grooming tips for men, as well as provide a hobby for spare time writing.


Rewriting Stubbly Content

I won’t say all the writing is mine.  It’s fairly obvious that several of the articles on this site are too brief to be really informative.  Efforts will be made to improve the existing content to something both informative, entertaining, and worth your reading time.  Beard styles are relatively limited in nature, but in reviewing the content on this site I have discovered styles I never knew of…such as the Balbo, or Imperial.  Goatee styles that you see regularly on actors and eccentric French artists, but never did I realize that people spend time to both categorize and name these facial hair types.

So what’s the goal of this site?  Well, I figure the site could use a little updating to bring it into this decade.  We’re now set up with a Facebook page to take care of general discussion, and a Twitter page to link up to other individuals also commenting on beard and moustache styles.  Being as Twitter continues to grow in popularity as a search engine, and great poster of pics…I’ll have to stay on top of posting those great moustache and beard styles encountered on a day to day basis.

Check back on a regular basis for updated posts, and rewriting of that earlier content.  There’s enough material here to keep me editing for a while.  Beard and moustache styles can be interesting.  After all, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are right around the corner and those playoff beards will be well underway in a month.  Giddy up!


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