Difference between mutton chops and sideburns

What is the difference between mutton chops and sideburns? It seems like there is no definite answer, but the mutton chops go down to the corner of the mouth, whereas the sideburns just stop before going towards the mouth. I think there is some gray area there, sideburns that might be considered mutton chops, and mutton chops you might feel like calling sideburns. But when you see someone with either, you can typically tell right off the bat. Mutton chops take up a lot more room, where as sideburns are a little more subtle. Mutton chops are a little more out of style than sideburns. I think that if you see someone rocking the sideburns, it looks normal, whereas someone with mutton chops just looks like a goof.

Clearly, this character has mutton chops. You can tell by the fact that they start going in when they hit the jawline.

I would say that elvis, on the other hand, has sideburns. As you can see, they are a lot more subtle.

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