The Soul Patch

Have you got soul?

The soul patch really is the lowest maintenance of all the facial hair styles for men. The soul patch is a small patch of facial hair just below the lower lip. This style is perfect for men who do not have time to maintain a full beard or moustache. This may be just a small patch of lower lip hair, but good grooming is still required to make this style really look good on you.

The other name for the soul patch is “imperial” or “mouche.” This style became popular back in the ’50s and ’60s among the jazz musicians and poets.

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One of the secrets of maintaining a nice looking soul patch is to keep the rest of the face shaved and free from facial hairs. If you want to sport a soul patch, you should regularly shave your jawline, cheeks and neck. Being clean shaven emphasizes the soul patch more on your face. It is up to you to determine the length and the thickness of the soul patch.

You can trim the soul patch into an upside down triangle shape. The tip of the triangle is pointing downwards. This kind of style for the soul patch is more traditional. For a more modern take on the soul patch, you can experiment with different hair coloring agents or shave this cool patch of facial hair into different shapes.


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