What’s the Best Beard Style for Bald Men?

Bald Men and Beards

No snow on the roof means there is a log on the fire…right?  Choosing the type of beard to grow if you are bald is important, especially if you want a truly complementary facial hair look.  It can be a fine line between badass and just plain wrong.

The first thing that bald men should always take into account is that it might not be a good idea to commit to a full, long beard because the look may not balance out.  Consider your complexion, face shape, and even the color of that beard.  A modest or lighter beard style can greatly improve the look of a man with no hair.

Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 8.01.33 PMThe most popular beard style for bald men is the goatee. Hollywood actors have worn goatees with a shaved head and they look great in the movies. Heisenberg anyone?

The real secret to a good looking goatee is in the maintenance. Trim and shave that piece of facial fur art to keep it looking sharp and clean.  Consider shaping that goatee with vertical sides or even a gentle curve or taper.  It really depends on the style you like.

Another beard style that bald men do sport from time to time is the chin strap. This is a moustache-less strip of facial hair running along the jaw line and it can be narrow or wide depending on what you like.  If you want to make it look thinner, you just have to trim it down.  Work with it to make that beard your own.

And if creativity with your facial hair really is too time consuming, try something simple.  A more natural and manly look is the all-over stubble. This is the easiest facial hair to maintain, as you could imagine. Trim it once in a while with a beard trimmer to keep those hairs from graduating into unkemptness.

Finally, if you really want the stubble to look very natural, do not try any additional shaving on the neck, cheeks and jaw.  Do stay on top of that head hair though.

Not a whole lot on worth sharing.  You figure that for every problem, there must be an app for that… and apparently there is.  Thus guy is offering up his hair and beard styles app for only 2.99.  Maybe save this for that next costume party you need to work on an outfit for.


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